The Miracle of Life

Each spring, the second-grade classes in my school participate in a bird study. The students become “ornithologists,” learning about different species of birds. They read about birds, engage in hands-on activities, and participate in trips to observe bird behavior. All of the second-grade teachers receive incubators and eggs. The students wait anxiously, taking turns to turn the eggs and learning about the developing chick embryo stages. Last year, I was lucky enough to witness a baby-chick enter the world! I walked into one of the empty classrooms to look at the adorable baby chicks that had already hatched. As I looked into the incubator, I noticed one of the eggs was shaking! I quickly took out my phone and started recording. What a privilege to see the miracle of life, through a little baby chick! The entire process took about nine minutes. (The edited video, however, is much shorter). I hope you enjoy watching this baby chick working its way into the world. I am once again looking forward to seeing the new chicks that will be joining the second-grade classes in my school. It is a reminder that even the smallest of things can be wondrous.

A baby chick working its way into the world.